6 comments on “Rindu Wisuda

  1. Amazing!!! you are a good muslimah, you are so smart , so confident InsyaAllah someday you can reach what ever you want to reach.

    You wrote something make my tears dropped.

    I believe you make your abi and ummi proud of you.

    I am just an old guy who pray for you.

    Allah bless you. Amiin.

    • Subhanallah… pak Haji Agus, finnaly Restia can see you again… even just in this blog.
      Thanks for the comment and for the pray. All that I have reached now… might be never real if you now helped me at that time. You are the one who gave a big contribute in my life, thanks for all. In my pray, I always pray that Allah SWT will reply all the goodness that you gave to me and always bless you and your family, amin.

    • iyah, salam kenal juga… 😀
      Semoga lancar ya TA nya, ntar aku bagi-bagi tips and trik deh, hehe.. 😀

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